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Stucco primer coat

Stucco Primer Coat is a cement based primer coating manufactured and used to achieve a bond between non-absorbent surfaces eg. Stucco Brush Coat and pva paints.

Prior to application surface substrate must be cleaned thoroughly free of wall tiles, blistered paint, flaky paint, peeling sealers, vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, grime, bitumen, dust, dirt, fungal growth, oil and mould to name a few.
Surfaces may be roughly sanded, lightly horizontally to create better adhesion for primer.
Remove loose or friable particles with the aid of a wire brush.

Mix 1.2 parts of powder to 1 part clean water by volume into a clean bucket for +/-5 minutes with a flat paddle or stirrer on low speed, as a guide, resulting in a milky textured mix ensuring all product is dissolved and no dry powder clots remain.
Apply the entire mixed product within 1 hour of mixing, stirring occasionally
Do not add more water or powder to the mix after mixing is completed.

Apply onto wall using a block brush in vertical strokes from one corner/edge of wall to another corner/edge of wall, keeping a wet edge to continuously add too.
Do not apply in direct sunlight, rain or if frost is imminent.

If applied in direct sunlight or windy conditions keep lightly moisten to aid and ensure proper curing.
Do not apply in temperatures of less than 5C or over 30C as well as if frost or rain is eminent for exterior applications .

Store only in a cool dry area, 10cms away from walls and floors on wooden slates to prevent condensation occurring within the sealed package.

Stucco Primer Coat covers an estimated +_ 65 square meters per coat per 10kg bag depending on surface absorption.

As with all trully natural products, shade and tone colour variations may occur .Test product on sample area prior to use as we will not accept any liability in any shape or form for any damages whatsoever as product is used outside of our control.

Disclaimer: As with all truly natural products, shade and tone colour variations may occur.