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Stucco impregnating sealer


Stucco Impregnating Sealer is a solvent based, UV resistant, clear impregnating sealer used to impart water repellent characteristics to Stucco Brush Coat, concretes, plasters, granite marble, bricks or masonry which is invisible when cured.
Helps to prevent efflorescence, moss and fungus growth, stop dirt penetration into surfaces whilst allowing materials to breath and allow moisture out only.


Ensure all surfaces are clean and bone dry.
Stucco Impregnating Sealer is acidic and thus will etch plastics, glass, aluminium, plastic painted surfaces , plants etc so these areas will need to be protected


Wear gloves and protect skin and eyes whilst working with Stucco Impregnating Sealer.
Surfaces to be sealed must be clean, dry, free of dirt, fungus, mould, moss or any other foreign matter.
If surfaces must be cleaned, use high pressure water cleaner alone. No soaps , detergents , strippers etc.
Shake bottle well prior to commencing.
New applications of Stucco Brush Coat, concretes, plasters should be allowed to cure for a minimum of 7 days or maximum of 21 days if possible before sealing with Stucco Impregnating Sealer.
Apply using a brush or roller so that spraying/splattering is kept to a minimum and surface can absorb as much sealer as it needs to render it saturated.
Apply second coat once first coat has penetrated substrate 10-40 minutes apart in order to saturate substrate without missing any spots as once sealer dries surface will be sealed.
Apply whilst area is shaded or in low wind conditions to allow product to penetrate well without being dried quickly.
Tools and brushes must be washed in turpentine to clean them thoroughly. 


Stucco Impregnating Sealer is highly flammable so keep away from any ignition source, open fires, smoking etc. Always keep work areas well ventilated.


Store only in a cool dry area, 10cms away from walls and floors on wooden slates to prevent condensation occurring within the sealed package.


Stucco Impregnating Sealer has a variable coverage and absorbency rate depending on surface being applied to.
As a guide use the following :-

1lt covers +_ 3 square meters of Stucco Brush Coat or concrete
1lt covers +_ 2 square meters of marble/granite etc
1lt covers +_ 1.6 square meters of plaster


As with all trully natural products, shade and tone colour variations may occur .Test product on sample area prior to use as we will not accept any liability in any shape or form for any damages whatsoever as product is used outside of our control.

Disclaimer: As with all truly natural products, shade and tone colour variations may occur.