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Stucco grano sealer


Stucco Grano Sealer is a 2 pack aliphatic polyurethane epoxy used on floors, screeds, walls, wood, steel with excellent high abrasion resistance, UV resistance, chalk resistance, flexibility, acid resistance, alkali resistance and easy cleaning properties. Available in gloss and matt.


Stucco Grano Sealer adheres/penetrates into substrates so floor, wall and substrates need to be cleaned thoroughly free of floor tiles, ceramic tiles, paint, wood floor, vinyl tiles, sealers, grime, bitumen, dust, dirt, fungal growth, oil and mould to name a few.
Ensure all surfaces are bone dry as any water/moisture in/on substrate will hamper bonding of the sealer to substrate.
On new laid floors wait for substrate to dry completely from below before sealing. This should take 3-4 days in warmer climates or as much as 14 days in colder climates. Let room air out to promote water evaporation from substrate.
Apply in temperatures ranging between 4- 30 degrees.


Mix contents of part B (plastic bottle) into the part A (tin). Stir the mixture well with a clean flat ladle without allowing air or bubbles to build up within it and then it is ready to use. Ratio volume of 4:1
Mix 170 grams of anti-slip beads per 5lt pack to create non-slip floors.

Use the mixture within 45 minutes, after this time it will start to thicken and set so must be discarded.
Apply using a short pile mohair roller, white in colour, uniformly so only a thin film is applied and absorbed into the substrate without any pooling. An overcoat may be applied at 90 degrees to the first after 5 hours but not after 24 hours.
Apply 2 coats allowing a minimum of 5hours between coats.
Seal bone dry Stucco Grano Floor Screed with two coats of Stucco Grano Sealer matt/gloss.
Use in well ventilated areas only.
Touch dry or walk on in 4 hours, final cure 7 days.


Do not apply in temperatures of less than 5C or over 30C as well as if frost or rain is eminent for exterior applications


Store only in a cool dry area, 10cms away from walls and floors on wooden slates to prevent condensation occurring within the sealed package.

Stucco Grano Sealer covers an estimated +_  40m2 per 5lt (2 coats) depending on surface absorption.

As with all trully natural products, shade and tone colour variations may occur .Test product on sample area prior to use as we will not accept any liability in any shape or form for any damages whatsoever as product is used outside of our control.

Disclaimer: As with all truly natural products, shade and tone colour variations may occur.