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Stucco fresco sealer


Stucco Fresco Sealer is a solvent based clear sealer used to seal Stucco Fresco Plaster to render it waterproof and washable.


Stucco Fresco Sealer penetrates the surface so substrates need to be cleaned thoroughly free of grime, dust, dirt, fungal growth, oil and mould to name a few. 

Ensure all surfaces are bone dry as any water/moisture in/on substrate will hamper penetration of sealer.


Stucco Fresco Sealer is ready to be used, just shake bottle vigorously for 2 minutes in case sealer has been standing for a while.


Apply using a lambs wool roller or a brush working in a crisscross fashion ensuring no roller edge lines are present.

An overcoat may be applied at 90 degrees to the first after 3 hours.

Seal bone dry Stucco Fresco Plaster with two coats of Stucco Fresco Sealer.
Do not overapply or leave to pool on suface as it will create a shiny gloss where a matt finish is desired.
Use in well ventilated areas only.


Do not apply in temperatures of less than 5C or over 30C as well as if frost or rain is eminent for exterior applications


Store only in a cool dry area, 10cms away from walls and floors on wooden slates to prevent condensation occurring within the sealed package.


Stucco Fresco Sealer covers an estimated +_  40m2 per 5lt (2 coats) depending on surface absorption.


As with all trully natural products, shade and tone colour variations may occur .Test product on sample area prior to use as we will not accept any liability in any shape or form for any damages whatsoever as product is used outside of our control.

Disclaimer: As with all truly natural products, shade and tone colour variations may occur.