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Stucco acrylic sealer


Stucco Acrylic Sealer is a UV stable, solvent based acrylic sealer for use on most porous surfaces. Available in clear(gloss) and matt derivatives. Used on Stucco Grano Screed or other porous surfaces such as concrete, brick, sandstone, slate, wood or plaster.


Prior to application surfaces must be bone dry and thoroughly clean, free of dust, dirt, fungal growth, oil, mould and any foreign matter.


Product is supplied ready to use, just stir vigorously to ensure 100% uniformity, if product has been left to settle.
Do not add water or thin out in any way. Use as supplied.


Apply  Stucco Acrylic Sealer using a pva roller or lambs wool applicator, a little at a time, ensuring no end of roller line is present.
Do not apply to hot surfaces or in direct sunshine, this will prevent accelerated flash off.
Apply 2 coats at 90 degree to prior coat with a minimum of 3 hours between coats.
Wear protective clothing at all times and solvent respirators in confined spaces.
Always ensure surfaces are bone dry as any moisture will cause poor adhesion and sealer will turn a milky white and thus result in an undesired finish.


As with any solvent based product handle with care and keep away from all and any sources of ignition, spark, flame and electrical equipment


Store only in a cool dry area, 10cms away from walls and floors on wooden slates to prevent condensation occurring within the sealed package.


Stucco Acrylic Sealer covers an estimated +_ 4 - 8 square meters per litre depending on surface absorption and porosity.


As with all trully natural products, shade and tone colour variations may occur .Test product on sample area prior to use as we will not accept any liability in any shape or form for any damages whatsoever as product is used outside of our control.

Disclaimer: As with all truly natural products, shade and tone colour variations may occur.